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8 thoughts on “Getting Started – The Secret To Earning While You’re Learning

  • Travis Smithers

    You have to love the simple straight to the point approach to finding out all the information you need for a substantial opportunity such as Wealthy Affiliate to build and design an online presence.

    With your dealings with Wealthy Affiliate you mentioned learn as you earn, is this a process that you’d say takes very long to get started and get in place for generating an income?

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Travis,

      Thank you for your comment & kind words! The opportunity is great if you buckle up and maintain the mental vitality needed to soak up the lessons and apply them towards your online business. That will allow the process to occur more quickly and obtain a common goal: to Swiftly Work From Home.

      My personal dealings are derived from my experience alone. I’m maintaining a website for a client and getting paid a monthly retainer fee on top of creating a .com website for an additional fee. From this I developed “learn as you earn” because it is happening in my particular situation.

      Every experience is different! This can be a blessing or a curse. To get started it takes no time! You just have to make time to learn and as soon as you see the potential in WA alone? You are already in place to generate an income. Most issues occur when people have the “Get Rich Quick” syndrome. It simply is not true. Don’t Quit!

      “Slow & Steady Wins The Race”

      Hope that answered your question. Please let me know if I can provide further insight or help in any way!


      Founder of SwiftlyWorkFromHome

  • cesario solorsano

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online with the least initial investment. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA and as a member, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. There are few, if any website builders that offer a free option, with the advanced training WA brings. People need to realize that success with the affiliate business takes a lot of time and dedication. Fantastic review of a fantastic affiliate program. Its a shame that so many people miss out on all the opportunities WA offers to help build your sucessfull business. Cheers!

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Cesario,

      Appreciate the extra input on why everyone enjoy’s WA so much! Thanks for the kind words about my review! There are a ton of individuals who miss out on the vast amount of opportunities provided by WA!

      I’ve been explaining the potential to some of my family and friends and they just simply don’t believe it. I’m ready to invest more time and money to show them that they should not be afraid of such a solid program! Hopefully my success will drive them to realize what an amazing place WA is and invest a little time into their own passion which converts into a business that they enjoy!

      Cheers to your success and thanks for stopping by!


  • jschicanha

    Thank you for telling us about wealthy affiliate.i have been heard of the program of wealthy affiliate but i don’t have enough information on how does this works and how to start it, can you please do me a favour to elaborate more and also on the advantages and disadvantages of it.I thank you.


    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hey there Jose,

      I would be glad to elaborate on it more. My first question is did you already click on the link that is provided in this page? (might need to make it a bit more noticeable for readers if you didn’t happen to see it)

      http://swiftlyworkfromhome.com/wealthy-affiliate-m… covers the major advantages and minor disadvantages for an easy read to get you started. Within that page I have a Definitive Review that explains Wealthy Affiliate in extensive detail.

      I wanted to provide an easy breakdown and more in-depth read which resulted in these exact post.


      The best explanation is to simply sign up and see exactly what WA is all about using the FREE starter membership for 7 complete days (make sure you allow yourself some time to take full advantage of this time)! If you decide to not continue with a Premium membership upgrade, no worries! You’re still allowed to keep your two free websites indefinitely with some features, whether you decide to continue the membership or not. Still potential to earn from what you learned.



      Off the top of my head….these are the only disadvantages that I may not have mentioned in my Review. You have to make time by dedicating a part of your life to making your online business work! A lot of people quit because they want fast results. Now I’m not saying they do not happen, but if you’re looking for that get rich quick scheme? Look elsewhere! Wealthy Affiliate is a community that is about helping people! That should be your number one goal. If you can master that you will be successful by following each lesson and applying what you learn!

      Hope this helped with your question and good luck!


  • Chris

    You managed to get $150 from one sale online – please, tell me more!
    I’ve been trying my best for months now to earn something decent online but everything seems to be pennies instead of notes!
    I really need some sort of education on how you did this – was it hard to learn from fresh?

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Chris,

      It was more of a hit and miss situation tbh. I started working with WA and working on my own websites. That trended through word of mouth from my spouse and someone needed a website for their husbands band. I gave them a price tag and well that’s how the $150 came to be!

      I’m currently charging a monthly fee to manage and continuously work on the website. I’ve already had two additional referrals. It has halted my progress on my own websites, but it is great to have something happen within the first few months into WA.

      I use to work with html years ago on websites for fun, but it felt completely fresh for me again. WA videos make it super simple to learn and the progression on website builders are amazing compared to the past. I’d highly recommend at least giving it a shot, but to see true income potential you have to work hard and stick with it!

      Hope to see you around WA!