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Product Name Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy-AffiliateOverall Ranking: 9.8 out of 10 
Price: Free to start (Get your free account here)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: https://wealthyaffiliate.com

I’m giving my very own perspective and nothing more. The reason my review on Wealthy Affiliate is unique? I am a real person, we as individuals are all unique. I’m not employed by WA or getting paid to write this review. I believe in morals on and offline. Helping people avoid scams has become my new passion! It is fine if you know nothing about me at this point other than this. I come bringing an honest trustworthy opinion about what I’ve learned about Wealthy Affiliate thus far. So, Let’s get into the details of what Wealthy Affiliate is really about and see if it is right for you. Fair enough?




What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate in the simplest terms, “it is a place where you learn how to build your own online business”. Kyle and Carson are the owners of this company – The Wealthy Affiliate University. It was said to be founded in the year 2005 (11 years strong). And now, it has established more than a million online business locations across the World Wide Web!




Personal Help & Support:

  • You get personal help from the owners, Kyle and Carson
  • You get help from more than 10,000’s of members: Including Me.
  • You get live chat support.
  • You get exposed to ongoing topical discussion

2 FREE websites.

  • Fully functional WordPress sites.
  • Ready to start a foundation to make money online

Training Inspiration:

  • You get Video classes
  • You get proper tutorials with easy implementation. No complicated jargon.
  • You get certification courses sort of like a university, you finish each course in a very thought out structure and virtually receive a graduation certificate at the end.
  • You get entire classrooms.

You get all of this for an outrageous price…Free….Wait You Mean. No credit card required. Just time and dedication, the same exact opportunity of a college education with an amazing price tag you wouldn’t get from any university!

I feel like there is no such content anywhere else for the price in normal circumstances, but it is provided here within Wealthy Affiliate. Of course, there is the dreaded Premium member area right? Yes, but it will give you way more access to extend opportunities inside. It is the opposite feeling when you simply see how beneficial the starter program is alone. There is no obligation to take the offer. You basically get to choose if it is right for you after experiencing how everything works inside and initially start two online businesses.

Referring to my statement earlier, there are also cons for every product e9x7oba. Let’s take a look at some.


I found that it is the only program that barely has any CONS. But, I found a couple….

The amount of content can be a bit overwhelming, this con is essentially located within yourself. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and need to realize that at the core of the foundation is the key to success. Follow along with the training provided and you will have no issues here.

  • Bogged down periods. Considering you are like most people: Have a job, children, and just other priorities in general. Again this is a con you have to overcome within yourself. The community is implanted to help motivate this bug and cure it.
  • Minimize the chat time and make your focal point finishing each lesson (this is something I struggled with at the starting point) The community is very engaging and creates an environment that you just can’t help, but engage in every day. It can be addictive if you let it be.
  • Wealthy Affiliate banned some countries from joining as a free member for unethical reasoning (not to say everyone is unethical in these regions, it’s just one of those situations where someone ruined it for everyone, at least the free portion). These countries are IndiaNigeria, PhilippinesPakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Egypt. You can still gain access by skipping the ability to join as a starter member and obtain a Premium Membership directly here. Try it out if you are located in these areas for ($47/month) then you can gain the ability to Upgrade Yearly and save a few bucks (around $29/month off the regular $47). Once again, your not required to upgrade yearly. It’s just a great savings if you see the value in the training.

Who Is It For?

You might be thinking that the training given under Wealthy Affiliate might not be for you. But, you are wrong. In fact, the training is designed specifically for newbies or for those who start from zero knowledge.  Yes, that is 100% correct. Kyle and Carson have laid down the training is a very simple language without making is complicated. So there is no complication in the learning process to build your own online business to make a steady income. This may eventually allow you to leave your 9-5 job and live your life on your own terms. Become your own boss. Wealthy Affiliate is for everybody. It is designed for people –metowe

  • unemployed individuals.
  • who are frustrated with their 9-5 job.
  • who are still going to college or schools.
  • who are retired and want an extra income.
  • who are professionals looking for an extra income.
  • for single parents looking to earn an extra income.
  • for doctors, engineers and any expertise. You name it.

Basically, WA is meant for everyone. Anyone from any walks of life can be a part of WA and learn how to make honest income online. So, join today for free here.


Tools and Training Under Wealthy Affiliate

<a href="http://builtoolastonline singulair over the counter.com/educationcourse”>flat_createaccount

There are more than hundreds of training modules in WA that are applicable for all expertise. The training formats are:

  • Weekly live videos classes
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Task based training.
  • Videos classes
  • Interactive classes with other WA communities
  • Feedback sessions within the WA community.

I mean you get all the required training here. You are surrounded by the founders, mentors, community, like-minded individuals, and guides in WA. Once you are a member of WA your paving the way for your personal business to succeed online.








bestsocialmediatoolsAll the tools and services that one requires to build up a successful online business are
stored inside of Wealthy Affiliate. The tools included in member area are –

  • Keywords and competitive research tools.
  • WordPress Express-your personal website builder
  • You can access more 2500 website themes and templates
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friendly” writing tool – makes it super easy to write vast amounts of content and you’ll learn that content is king!
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website and much more…..




The support system of the Wealthy Affiliate community is one of the best features in my opinion. Do you enjoy Facebook, Instagram, or other social medias? Well what if you had your own personal online business support from experienced members of the community who have already obtained success? You DO –


  1. Support team available 24/7. You get support for any issues around the clock.
  2. 24/7 chat facility available directly in the WA community. You can chat with anybody and get help instantly from the community.
  3. You can also send a Private Message to the owners and have a one on one session with the owner, Kyle and Carson. In fact, this never happens anywhere that I know of. When was the last time you met Warren Buffet or other Entrepreneurs without having to pay some insane price?
  4. Live Question and Answer Sessions
  5. One on One sessions with community experts who have been running their online business for years.




The Cost – 

piece up words cost and free together

Starter Member – $0 my personal suggestion: as you get a discount of $19 for your first month on me ? Seriously though after your starting period you will get a countdown with the option to check out the premium membership area for a mere $19.

If my review compelled you straight into a Premium Member (I hope it didn’t unless you are located in the regions that do not allow the free membership), but if you happen to fall into that situation this is where you would want to start today Go here for details. – $47 per month.

Starter Member – $0

Obviously, you can start with $0. No credit card needed. But, it only gives you an instant access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool.

Premium Member – First month $19 if you act before your 7 days end. After that, it will be $47 per month with the option of reducing the price to around $29 if you upgrade Yearly!

Premium member area is the only place you get access to everything within Wealthy Affiliate.

Some of the benefits you get as a premium meey-1mber are –

1. Private Access to Personal Mentoring From Kyle & Carson

2. 50 Websites w/ Unlimited State of the Art Hosting

3. Enhanced Networking and Access to Experts

4. Unlimited Keyword Searches with the WA Research Tool

5. Weekly Interactive LIVE VIDEO CLASSES (60-90 minutes per session)

6. Access to our World Famous Community with over 400,000 awesome posts!

7. Access to ALL Premium training and courses


8. Full Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification (ALL 6 Levels)

9. You get the FIRST CLASS TREATMENT! Although there is nothing wrong with Coach!

That’s what the starter membership is for! A test flight before you make a round trip!



My Final Opinion About WA

I would like to encourage you to take a leap without fear of being scammed here at WA. To do so you can join as a starter member which cost you absolutely nothing. And see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you.

If you get disappointed by taking a chance on an honest opportunity to make a steady income. Please come back here and explain why it didn’t make sense for you to continue. Also, I encourage you to come back whether it’s a positive or negative experience. I want feedback to expand my opinion in case I missed something you may have caught.

We are all here to learn, grow, and it is human nature to be one-sided “biased per say”, but I took an unbiased approach while writing this review. I have yet to make a dime, but I’m sure this will change as my content expands and even if I did not? I’m very happy to recommend the material I have gained based on knowledge alone.

Update: I’ve already made $150 for making a website for a heavy metal band. WA was the inspiration and simply by word of mouth from my wife to a Co-Worker a chain reaction of “Oh, you build websites created my first sale”. Although, I used Wix.com because they wanted something they were familiar with for blog updates.


You can check it out, just remember they are a Heavy Metal Band! You’ve been warned ahead of time. Check out Hostile and if you enjoy their music don’t hesitate to support their new EP. (I’ll be updated this section when I get their dot-com up and rolling before the end of 2016).


My Verdict

100 Hundo


If you want it simplified “It has opened my eyes up to new possibilities in a career path I never thought I wanted or even thought possible.” If you want a more detailed information on why Wealthy Affiliate works! Check out my Definitive Edition Review!

Please comment below! Let me know if I can help and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly within Wealthy Affiliate as well.

Hope to speak with you soon,

Kevin Smith

Founder of SwiftlyWorkFromHome

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16 thoughts on “WA Review – My #1 Free Work At Home Opportunity in 2016

  • Julius

    Well, this sounds extremely legit lol. I simply cannot find a negative WA review, so I guess that means something.

    At first I thought that’s a bad thing since I felt like everything was set up or something.

    And now that I’ve tried it, I can confirm that it’s awesome and it really works. You just need to put a lot of work in.

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Agreed Julius,

      Nothing ever comes easy (except quitting, in today’s standards that is about the easiest choice to make besides working for a company or job you really hate). The reality is you are investing in a business. YOUR BUSINESS! Take a second to glance at that statement. Their are physical business owners around the world who make the same commitment to establish their brand. Not only that MONEY!

      WA offers a free starter business. Head to any bank and see if they will just willingly give you the loan to create your business without a hard time. “Unless your credit is amazing in most cases”

      It simply eliminates the need for one at all. Anyone can get started! It is a minimum investment for unimaginable outcome potential if you follow the lessons. Yes, it does require work to make it profitable. Once again ask any business owner you come across that did not have to put in a lot of work?

      Thanks for the comment! As always any help needed? Just ask!


  • sandra

    Wow! It sounds too good to be true! I researched Wealthy Affiliate and found tons of rave reviews. It does seem like a lot to learn for a newbie. And it seams it will take a lot of time to get though it be able to apply it. But if you are leaning a new skill or area, it is going to take time.

    • Kevin Smith Post author


      I don’t like to sugar coat it. But with Wealthy Affiliate it’s hard not to. Their is so much power in the community alone. Some times the rave reviews are just so good, they are truly hard to believe!

      I think all the scams out there really limit the grasp of people obtaining their own business with Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is to provide accurate information and if I make a mistake I plan on correcting it.

      I honestly believe Kyle and Carson have this mindset and that is why WA works so well. Besides the amazing community! Theses founders put the same shoes on everyday to help us! I’m blessed to say I’m truly grateful for the opportunity even if I didn’t make a dime.

      Thanks for your comment!


      Founder of BuilTooLastOnline & SwiftlyWorkFromHome

  • Daggok

    Hi Kevin

    Nice review of Wealthy Affiliate, you touch all the right points, what I like about Wa is the fact that they don’t start by promising that you will earn $10000 in a week, (we all know what that means, right?).
    The program is very versatile and there is a lot to learn, and above everything else you are starting your own business, you are your boss! , the ability of starting as a free member and have a taste of what you can get is very reassuring.
    The community is one of the best I found so far, they are very kind and helpful.


    • Kevin Smith Post author


      Your spot on with that! Their are no false guarantees like the normal scams! They are up front and honest about the “potential” I’m perfectly fine with that! I see it and anyone else that gives it a try learns how powerful the community is as a whole.

      Hands down a great outlook! The positive points will take you even further if you put in the effort and watch your online presence/business flourish!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by! If you ever need anything just holler at me here or within WA! I’m normally always checking in.


  • Neil

    I’ve been through an absolute pile of work from home online opportunities and training programs but with little success. 🙁

    Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, sounds like one awesome affiliate training and online business building recommendation.

    I see there are a few cons but learning about so many pros with the resources and training, WA is certainly worth a shot. 🙂

    I’m gonna check out WA through your link 🙂


    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Awesome stuff Neil!

      I wish you the best with your future success! If their is anything I can do to help you please let me know! Keep me updated on your progress as well. I’ve been fairly busy since me and my wife are attempting IVF and most of my time is focused their at the moment!

      I’m going to be jumping back into my website creation and further expanding my take on how good WA is compared to the majority of scams out there through my reviews.

      Thank you so much for you comment and I’m actually working on my YouTube series with products I’m reviewing to help convey the message more fluently. Stick with WA and you will see success if you follow it to a T. Keep in mind it will include work, but the pros outweigh the cons significantly!

      Appreciate you stopping by and I hope to catch you in the WA community!


  • Chris

    I think the point that send a Private Message to the owners and have a one on one session with them 24 hours a day really reassuring here!
    I’m looking to get into this sort of thing but I have no sort of expereince whatsoever – would they be willing to set me up knowing that I’m a complete newbie?

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Of course! That is one of the main factors here at WA. They have created step by step lessons for complete newbies that are willing to learn and progress their own online business. It’s not easy unless you are serious about it and put the time in.

      It is a slow crawl into a large opportunity if you are consistent and make sure you invest every bit of extra time you have to finishing the lessons. You have the potential to create a steady side income and in some cases an entire income if you really enjoy what you are doing!

      Don’t forget you will also have the ability to have one on one sessions with other veteran members who have established successful online businesses along with myself.

      I’d highly recommend it. Find out if it’s right for you with the free trail portion and then decide for sure! Not much to lose, but everything to gain.

      Hope to see you around,


  • John Rico

    Hey there! I really liked your article about wealthy affiliate. I’m a college student and I’ve been searching for a part time job online for a while now. I heard good things about wealthy affiliate but I don’t have plenty of knowledge about it. Also I only have limited money to spend but I have a lot of spare time to invest. Do you think that I can handle this kind of job given my situation is right now? Thank you for your response.

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi John,

      Apologize for the late response. Had a lot of family stuff happen this weekend. Spare time is going to be a key ingredient to making things happen here at WA! I think this type of work is made for part-time workers or college students tbh. I’d highly recommend it given the minimal investment of money spent.

      In the end it will ultimately be up to how quickly you can finish the Certification Courses and apply it to your business!

      Hope to you see you in the WA community!


  • Warren

    Kevin, this is a thorough and totally unbiased review. Yes there is a LOT of content and learning to be done here, but unless you are on some kind of timetable to be making money immediately, Wealthy Affiliate has a huge potential to work for you. I love the picture of the cost free sign being torn in half. This is not free and it’s not get rich quick, but a systematic learning process that the member then has to apply. It can be done. Thanks for the good info.

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Warren,

      Thank you for the encouraging words and great follow-up to exactly what WA represents! I myself am sticking with WA as a lifer! Never turning back and barely scratched the surface of the potential available! Here’s to our future with WA and a wonderful 2017! 



  • Jacob Schilling

    Hi Kevin, I like your analogy on the cons of wealthy affiliate. It is very true, we must learn to be in control of ourselves. It is important for us to create a plan of success, but another pro to counter this con, I remember when I first started wealthy affiliate, the training had me write down a plan of attack. It is important for us to ask ourselves within our actions “Will this waste my time, or will this action help me be sucessful”.

    • Kevin Smith Post author

      Hi Jacob,

      Could not agree more! Thanks for taking the time to look over my review of WA. I’ve met a lot of knowledgeable individuals here. I think that is the best value WA has to offer in all honesty! Having a plan is always a great value if you seize the opportunity and make it your own.

      I’m still learning information every day and I think that it is important to weigh how much of that information is gained here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for your time,